All You Need To Know About The Cycle Saloon


All You Need To Know About The Cycle Saloon

Thinking about renting the STL Cycle Saloon for your bachelorette or birthday party, or maybe a company outing, but still have questions as to how everything works. In this blog we will explain exactly what you need to do to reserve one and what you can expect during your time on the Cycle Saloon.

How Do I Reserve?

Visit and select which tour you would like – Soulard or downtown St. Louis. Soulard, our more popular tour, is essentially a “bar crawl on wheels.” Our professional driver will take you to all of the hotspots in Soulard such as Molly’s, Duke’s, McGurk’s and D’s Place, to name a few. If you are from out of town or just want to explore the city of St. Louis, we recommend selecting our downtown tour, where your driver will take you to see iconic St. Louis sites such as the Arch, City Garden, and Busch Stadium.

After picking your tour, you will need to choose which two-hour time slot you would like to reserve. We run five tours a day in both downtown and Soulard. You will be required to put down a $100 deposit and then the full amount will be due day of the event prior to your ride. We ride rain or shine but will cancel the ride with a full refund if we have inclement weather. 

What Happens Day of the Ride?

Show up to the agreed-upon pick-up spot 20 minutes prior to your tour. Our default pick-up in Soulard in D's Place at 9th and Barton, and downtown is Wheelhouse at 1000 Spruce St. This allows time for the driver to help everyone get comfortable on their seat, load their coolers, and liability waivers signed if not already done so online.

The driver will go over a few rules, ask the group who wants to be the DJ or at least connect their phone to our Bluetooth speakers, and go over bar specials as well as ask the guests where they want to stop. Quite often people are from out of town, so they leave it up to one of our drivers who will take them on their routes that hit all of the hotspots. Once everyone is saddled up and those calf muscles are ready, it’s time to pedal away.

You said coolers. Do I bring them? Can I bring food and drink?

We do not provide food or drinks, so yes, you can bring a cooler full of those items. We have room for two regular size coolers, which you can fill with the beverages of your choice, whether that’s beer, water, or soda/pop. Food is also allowed, although we typically recommend just snacks because the streets can be bumpy at times and it can make a mess on your clothes.

Pedaling! Do I really have to? Does it do anything?

Pedaling is the fun part and yes, it does make the bike move. However, we do have electric motors so if those calf muscles get tired, you need any extra push up the hill, or you’ve had a few and don’t want to pedal, we can take it from there. We often get asked if the pedaling charges the motor. It does not, but it does help take the strain off the motor.


Where do we go? What do we do?

As mentioned, it’s completely up to you where/if you want to stop. On an average tour in Soulard, most groups stop at three to five bars to use the restroom, grab a drink or take a shot. We do have relationships with many of the bars that will offer our guests discounted drinks and shots.

If you have zero desire to step into a bar, that’s ok too. We can just drive around while you sing to the music and connect with your friends. The driver will announce when the two-hour mark is approaching and will start to head back to the pick-up spot or any bar/place of your choice, within reason. We encourage everyone that was drinking alcohol to make sure they drink responsibly or have scheduled a ride home.

Cycle Saloon Ballpark Village

If we’re having too much fun, can we extend the ride?

Sometimes. It ultimately depends on if there are tours right after yours. If not, it is up to the discretion of the driver as well as an additional $150/hr will be charged.

What else ya got for us?

Make sure you dress comfortably including shoes that you can pedal with. As mentioned above, we ride rain or shine, so dress according to the weather. We recommend building a music playlist for the ride. Some Cycle Saloon favorites include Thunderstruck, Party in the USA, Africa, I Wanna Dance with Somebody, Sweet Caroline and Bicycle Race. If you are bringing alcohol, make sure to bring water to stay hydrated. Other than that, just relax and have a great time!

For more information, you can visit our FAQs on the STL Cycle Saloon website.

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